During the winter season, only one of the five entrances to Yellowstone is open.  While this may deter some from visiting, it was a beautiful and peaceful day of adventure.  The world’s first national park, generally buzzing with people, was rather quiet.  Mammoth Hot Springs were bubbling and majestic.  Goats, buffalo, elk, deer, and even a bear could be spotted hidden among trees or crossing the street throughout the park.  Temperatures dropped and snow accumulated as we drove towards the Northeast entrance, which was assumed to be open.  Upon exiting the park, we came across two tiny mountain towns: Silver Gate and Cooke City.  Stores were dark and desolate, mounds of snow three feet tall blocked advertisements for ice cream, and snow mobiles lined the street.  Past Cooke City, the road transformed to a layer of ice.  Scenes from The Discovery Channel unfolded before our eyes, and I was grateful we didn’t yield to the sign 20 miles back stating the road was closed past Cooke City.


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